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Novelties | TONGUE IN CHEEK | 50 Shades Of brown

50 Shades Of Brown
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50 Shades Of Brown

Product Code: OT2038
50 Shades of Brown; Boxer Gift's new and innovative take on the Book phenomenon of a similar name. Our version contains a toilet roll, for DIY (Decorate It Yourself) and the 50 Shades of Brown (little Booklet).

Extract From the Book

Mr. Crispian Brown, although a few sheets to the wind, was occupied. He was on a roll.
She looked at him with a vacant expression and wondered what business he was up to.
"Take a seat", he mentioned, crustily.
Cackastasia flushed. Her moist flesh quivering as, in a sudden thrust, he tied her to the stool with the chain.....



  • 1 x Toilet Roll
  • 1 x Small book to read in the smallest room in the house


  • 12cm x 12cm x 12cm
3.99 [approx. $5.99]

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