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Hangover Cure Mints (In Merch Of 18)
Hangover Cure MintsDisplay

Hangover Cure Mints (In Merch Of 18)

Product Code: FP7515
Sick of crawling out of bed after a night on the town with a mightily minging mouth and a head hurting hangover? Then say hello to the hangover healing sensations that are - Hangover Cure Mints!

These minty fresh thwarters of foul tasting hangovers are here to save the day after from beer breath, furry tongue and a mouth so minging it makes the dog leave the room! They're fun mints with a mission!

They're the perfect, funny gift for any boozing buddy. Perfect for hiding their midnight merriment from their keen nosed boss!

Be it beer, wine, vodka or whiskey - Hangover Cure Mints are the perfect companion for anyone who wants to trip the light fantastic - without the next day nasties!

Hangover Cure Mints are more than just a funny gift - they're a boozer's best friend. What's more - unlike most magical medicines, they're available without prescription … and that's mainly because they're just mints!

What's more, these aren't the only miracle mints in our range. Check out the following -

Anti-Swearing Mints to freshen even the most dirty potty mouth.
Diet Cheating Mints - 'If you can't taste the cake, you didn't eat it!'
Anti-Bullshit Mints - say goodbye to stinking lies!
Twitter/Facebook Withdrawal Mints to give you the confidence to actually use your mouth to communicate.
Anti-Snoring Mints to freshen things up in the bedroom!
Bed Farts Eradication Mints to make bedtime farts a stink of the past!
Bedtime Headache Curing Mints to head off passion killing headaches!
Old Git Mints to bring some minty magic to your favourite Old Git's mojo!
and Senior Moment Memory Loss Mints to help you forget about memory loss!


  • Aprox 100 mints per tin, Each Display Holds 18 Tins


  • 7.65 x 12cm
2.50 [approx. $3.75]

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