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Humour Break Mug - Floor Stand

Humour Break Mug - Floor Stand

Product Code: ZMU300D
Make your break times a little bit more exiting with this entertaining range of Humour Break Mugs!

These MIGHTY 15 oz mugs are perfect for livening up those boring office hours with hilarious titles including -

'Only a Bitch Like Me Could Live with a Bastard Like Him'
'You're Confusing Me With Someone Who Gives a Shit'
'Gay Icon'
Grumpy Old Man'
'Yes I Will Have Another Coffee'
And many more!

They come individually boxed making them a perfect gift for any occasion. Or you could be a little indulgent and spoil yourself for once - Go on you know you deserve it !!


  • Display holds 144 Pcs (6 * 24 Designs)
  • Display Dimensions - 160 * 38 * 43cm
  • Total Retail Value 718.56
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