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Novelties | FUN SAVING | Mason Jar Saver Tin

Mason Jar Saver Tin

Mason Jar Saver Tin

"Want someone to start saving a few extra pennies or can’t think of a reason to save yourself, well here are a few ideas. Catch someone out and make them pay up for any annoying habits or sneaky secret nibbling, wether they are becoming a grumpy old man, attempting a bikini body diet, a swearing trooper or secret pooper, the greater the cheat, the greater the wad. These cute mason jar saver's are a great way to save money and have fun...cause a fine and save a dime. "

This cute embossed glass mason jar comes in a range of four different printed designs.

Embossed mason jar comes with a rustic brown string round the neck of the jar made into a bow and a gift tag of fines.

Can hold any coins, and can be opened without damage with the screw lid, if need be.

Small mason jar with ristic brown string and gift tag of fines.


  • 1 x Mason Saver Jar


  • 13.30 X 7.50 X 7.50
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