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Mints Old Git (In Merch Of 18)
Old Git MintsDisplay

Mints Old Git (In Merch Of 18)

Product Code: FP7503
Know someone who's not quite as fresh as they used to be? Then bring some minty magic to their mojo with Old Git Mints! Specifically for the youth impaired - this minty fresh, taste buds time machine helps your favourite Old Git escape that old age feeling. They're fun mints with a mission!

They're the perfect gift for the Old Git or senior citizen with a sense of humour. They might not turn back the clock but a couple of sucks on these minty miracles and your Old Git will feel minty fresh and ready to rave (or watch Countdown - whichever).

Old Git Mints are more than just a funny gift - they're a must have geriatric aid. And unlike most magical medicines, they're available without prescription … mainly because they're just mints with no proven cure for old age!

What's more, these aren't the only miracle mints in our range. Check out the following -

Senior Moment Memory Loss Mints to help you forget about memory loss!
Anti-Swearing Mints to freshen even the most dirty potty mouth.
Diet Cheating Mints - 'If you can't taste the cake, you didn't eat it!'
Hangover Cure Mints - The one stop suck for fighting beer breath and furry tongues!
Twitter/Facebook Withdrawal Mints to give you the confidence to actually use your mouth to communicate.
Anti-Snoring Mints to freshen things up in the bedroom!
Bed Farts Eradication Mints to make bedtime farts a stink of the past!
Bedtime Headache Curing Mints to head off passion killing headaches!
and Anti-Bullshit Mints - say goodbye to stinking lies!


  • Aprox 100 mints per tin, Each Display Holds 18 Tins


  • 7.65 x 12cm
2.50 [approx. $3.75]

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