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Phone Fail Mint Tin
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Phone Fail Mint Tin

Product Code: FP7603
Keep finding yourself sending texts that 5 minutes later you regret? Well suck on one of these bad boys before you press send, it may just prevent you doing something you may regret. A perfect gift for those people who seem to rush into a reply, take some time to really think about if you should press that send button or not.


  • A perfect solution to stop you sending those texts to regret!
  • A perfect novelty gift for that send button happy person.
  • Don't eat them all at once, excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect (this is not an excuse to spend more time on your phone).
  • 25g sugar-free mints.


  • 1x Phone Fail Mint Tin
3.99 [approx. $5.99]

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