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2 Green Flamed Icicle Candles

2 Green Flamed Icicle Candles

Product Code: SP7242
Defy logic! Light an icicle and watch as its Green Flame enchants your friends! Yes, thanks to the wintery wonder that is The Coloured Flame Icicle Candle, we now have a candle that brings class, colour and sophistication to your tableware. And unlike your average icicle, you can use it all year round!

Icicle Candles are Colour Flame Dinner Candles that bring some wintery wonder to your tableware. They’re great for dinner parties, get-togethers and romantic meals. Yes, you can truly delight your guests with these unique, icicle shaped Colour Flame Dinner Candles that bring the chilly charms of winter to the cosy confines of your dinner table decorations. What's more; their Coloured Flames are sure to be a winner when you really want to impress. And they're also perfectly festive for Christmas too!

By buying the Rainbow Moments Brand, you know you’re getting the genuine article. Each Colour Flame Icicle Candle is NON-TOXIC, of the highest quality and has a Burning Time of Approximately 4 Hours for each candle.

And if you want to add another colour to your tableware, the Red Flamed Icicle Candle is the perfect companion. Put Green and Red together and you'll bring a really festive, Coloured Flame treat to your Christmas decorations!

Part of our Rainbow Moments Range, these cool classy and Coloured Flame additions to your tableware are just one of the many types of colourful and Colour Flame candles available. Other candles include:
Coloured Flame Tea Light Candles: Set the mood in style and bring some colour to your tableware
Colour Flame Tapered Dinner Candles: Delight your guests and serve up a treat
Festive Drip Candles: Bring some festive flicker to your Christmas dinner
Rainbow Drip Candles: Put fun, funk and colour into your tableware
Coloured Flame Birthday/Party Candles: Unique brithday candles for children's parties.
Jumbo Colour Flame Birthday/Party Candles: Bigger party candles so less are needed - great for older birthdays.
And many of these are perfectly festive at Christmas as well!


  • "And if you want to add another colour to your tableware, the Green Flamed Icicle Candle is the perfect companion. Other unique/festive tableware includes: Colour Flame Tea Lights, Coloured Flame Dinner Candles and Festive & Rainbow Drip Candles. "


  • L 6.0 H 19.0
6.99 [approx. $10.49]

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